2020 New York City Law Enforcement Exploring Virtual Academy



Dates; July 27 – July 31 & August 3 to August 7

Times; 8:45 AM to Noon

While I participate in the Law Enforcement Explorer Academy:

  • I will sign on at 0845 for a 0900am Start
  • I will stretch before PT
  • I will have a Water Bottle ready in the morning
  • I will eat prior to signing on for the Academy
  • I will have a fully charged phone/tablet/laptop every day
  • I will have the camera on all time and position where Staff can see my entire body for PT
  • I will be courteous to and respectful of staff and other
  • I will be a good listener:
  • One person speaks at a time
    • When a youth is called on, I will listen.
    • When an adult is speaking, I will listen.
    • I will raise my hand to speak.
  • I will attend the Academy each day and be an active participant
  • I will arrive on time to the Academy.
  • I will obey the Explorer Academy Staff
  • I will wear the proper Explorer Academy uniform and (Explorer Shirt or Dark Blue Plain T-shirt, Sweats or shorts of appropriate length)
  • I will notify my OCI or staff IMMEDIATELY of injury or sickness or other
  • I understand that I will not exceed more than one day of absence from the academy for any reason, and I will have proper documentation if the absence is taken.

I understand that there are some actions that will not be tolerated because they are harmful or against the law. Therefore, I understand that I can be sent home from the Explorer Academy for reasons such as:

  • Being disrespectful and using foul language
  • Being unable to obey any of the Rules of Conduct listed above.