*If you would like an upcoming event or activity your post is hosting or participating in to be included on this page please contact the LFL offices. We welcome these inquiries as this reminder page is for our post advisors to use!*


From LFL/Exploring Team

Drop off applications any time Monday- Friday 9am to 5pm to the receptionist. Just make sure to pay the correct fee.

475 Riverside Drive
Room 600
New York, New York 10118 
P: (212) 651-2964
F: (212) 242-3630

Have an Open House this Fall! For help with flyers, posters, or recruiting contact Andrew LaBosco.

Exploring Clubs!! The clubs are for youths ages 11-13 and you must have a minimum of 5 youths in this age range to establish a club.

The community service fax response procedure is in effect, download the form and print it for your use by visiting the 'community service' page.

Remember to let us know if your receiving a recognition or planning a community or recreational event. We can publicize and recognize you and your Post's efforts and goals. Together we can "begin building a better tomorrow today!" Just email Andrew LaBosco with program specifics and any photos or clippings that refer to it.



For further inquiries, please contact one of our executives below: