Project COPE is an  acronym for Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience. This program is rooted in the theory of experiential learning, or learning by doing and experiencing concepts first hand. It is composed of a series of outdoor activities that begins with group initiative games and progress to more complicated low-course activities (EX: climbing, rappelling, etc.). Some activities involve a group challenge, while others develop individual skills and agility.

The events and activities of Project COPE are not designed to be competitive or a race against time, but rather are intended to encourage participants to do their best. COPE emphasizes building self-esteem, developing leadership, and working as a team to accomplish task. It provides opportunities for every participant to succeed as an individual as well as a member of a group. The Project COPE program emphasize the following goals: 

   1) Team Work  – An individual can accomplish more as a member of a team than by doing it alone.

   2) Communication  – Engages critical listening and discussion skills important for any group attempting difficult tasks.

   3) Trust  –   Difficult tasks on a COPE course develop trust in staff members, the safety of the course, each other, and themselves.

   4) Leadership  – Many opportunities to develop and exercise leadership skills.

   5) Decision Making  –  requires groups to make decisions by developing one or more solutions to a problem, considering the available resources and alternatives, and evaluating the probable results.

   6) Problem Solving  – challenges groups and individuals to develop solutions and evaluate the results.

   7) Self Esteem  – Meeting the challenges of COPE course allows individuals and groups to develop self-esteem, which    encourages them to adopt challenging but attainable goals.


Project C.O.P.E is held at the following locations:


Alpine Scout Camp is a 500 acre camp only 15 minutes from the George Washington Bridge, in Alpine, NJ.

    · Sleeping facilities – 14-24 person heated cabins (some electrified with kitchens), lean-tos and tent sites. Also, Reeves Lodge our 2 – story conference center sleeps over 40 persons.

     · Picnic Grounds – with stoves and picnic tables near activity center.

    More Info on Alpine


William H. Pouch Scout Camp is located in Staten Island and is New York City's only Scout Camp! Pouch Camp is open year round for Scouting activities and is accessible by mass transit.

    · The camp is approximately 143 acres, Including several cabins with capacity to hold 14 to 22 People. The Camp also includes 55 lean-tos, and 20 tent sites.

     · There are numerous Picnic Groves for our visitors to utilize. 

    More Info on Pouch



Based on customized activities, transportation, meals and sleep accommodations chosen by your group program coordinator.