Exploring Fact Sheet


What is Exploring

Exploring is the premier career-awareness program for high school students in New York City. By opening the doors of businesses, non-profit organizations and law enforcement agencies to young people, the program gives them first-hand information about what specific careers actually entail. They learn what they like and don’t like and the education they will need to succeed. This helps them sustain the motivation to achieve their goals.


Mission Statement

To enable young people to become responsible individuals by teaching positive character traits, career development, leadership and life skills so they can make ethical choices and achieve their full potential.


How It Works

The Exploring teams works with different businesses throughout the five boroughs to set up interesting and interactive programs for the students. Then the Exploring team works with schools to recruite interested students for the programs. The students attend the sessions at the businesses. At the end they recieve a certificate of completion.   


What You Can Do

Host organizations provide the meeting space, recruit staff volunteers and work with the Exploring team to develop a program agenda. Staff members at the businesses explain what they do as well as the background and experience their company looks for, and answer questions. Most arrange projects to provide a hands-on experience. Explorers may participate in investment contests or mock courts, develop marketing plans for new products or put together a special edition of a newspaper.


Get Involved

If you are a business interested in starting an Exploring Program, email Travis Smith. If you are an interested student, check the Program Calendar, or email Samuel Bell.