This page is a resource for Current, Past, and Future NYC Law Enforcement Explorers


Hey Explorers, have a suggestion to make the program better? Want to raise funds for your post? Contact us to receive information.

Ideas about improving your own post or just have a question or issue? Email us We would love your feedback in an effort to improve our program!

Have you heard the word? The EOA or Explorer Officer Association is gearing up for the year 2017. If you are the highest ranking Explorer in your post please check the program calendar in the coming weeks for a list of dates of these incredible meetings. You will be part of the organization directly responsible for a lot of the hard work and awesome programs we have through the Exploring Program. Contact us

If you are an Explorer who is leaving the program please take a few moments to fill out the Exit Interview. This will help the program get even better!

Scenario Training Guides

These training guides are the basis for the national competition's as well as excellent sources of programming for success oriented posts. If your a new Explorer or a veteran, test your knowledge, teamwork, and ability to succeed with these scenarios. Please click here to download the guide.

Job Opportunities

Below is a listing of Agencies involved in the Exploring Program in NYC. These links are to their respective recruitment websites and are provided in the hopes that Explorers exiting the ranks of the program will find employment in the field of Law Enforcement.

Did you know that the NYPD has a direct pathway to employment from Explorer age through to the Cadet program, right into the NYPD Police Academy? For more information on how to become a member of the department follow the below link.



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