This is a resource area for Post Advisers. The information, documents and strategies throughout the various links are meant to aid in the development and implementation of a quality Exploring program.

*If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please contact an executive at your convenience. Our contact information can be found under the 'about us' tab at the top of this web site.*

Scenario Training Guides

These training guides are the basis for the national competition's as well as excellent sources of programming for success oriented posts. Feel free to utilize them at your next meeting. Please click here to download the guide.

Explorer Exit Interview: this document should be filled out by Explorers who are leaving the program for whatever reason. For NYPD posts this is required. If you have any questions please contact the LFL offices. 

Taking a trip outside the confines of NYC? Make sure you have filled out the appropriate Tour Permit and had it approved by LFL.

Tour Permit for all post trips

Uniform issues? Try contacting your fellow post advisors and seeing if you can swap sizes! Alterations are also possible in some cases. For further inquiries regarding uniforms contact Youth Services Section.

Non-Approved Activities Please be sure to check this list of activities that are prohibited.


Open House Fax Response Form (Fall Version)

Recruitment Pamphlets that you can tailor to your post. There are two Word files, download both, edit where it indicates you should. File one   File two


This is a link to a guide for the development of youth leaders in a post. For youth officers of an Explorer Post. Contains position descriptions, and  program orientation to get post officers ready to administer a post program.

Explorer Challenge Initiative Game Program ideas that can be used to enhance post meetings.

Explorer Cooperative Games Program ideas for post meetings

Explorer Problem Solving Skills Program ideas for post meetings

Adult Leader Guide



More Available Forms: